You have more profitable things to do than translations

You intend to sell your products or services abroad or you have just received an important document in a foreign language for your big project and you refuse to spend money on a translation. Moreover, you think you will lose too much time waiting for the translated document. So you decide to do it by yourself.
And you start to translate but you spend a long time on it because you do not know how to formulate the sentences in your mother tongue (or even worse, you try the other way round, i. e. translating into the foreign idiom), you have forgotten the right words and you lose plenty of time searching your vocabulary on the internet.
Consequence at the end of the day: translation is not finished AND you haven’t done the usual daily work you had planned because you have lost too much time on this task. Your clients and your boss are impatiently waiting for your answers but you have none. Result: you are completely upset.
Solution: ask a professional translator! My job is to organise words and texts, I know how to formulate sentences, I pay attention to grammar and spelling and I know your specific field. It is so easy when you have found the right partner! Want to know more about my business? Please contact me!