Real-life example: you have asked for a quote from your translator, you look at the total amount and your eyes get wide open, full of astonishment at the amount. The cost seems so high!
Well, I will ask you a question: if you are a manufacturer, and your equipment is at a standstill because of a machine failure, will you hesitate to pay 1,000 € for a technician or even more for an engineer to have your machine back on track? Answer is: Very probably no. Because NO machine = NO production = NO sales = NO turnover. Well, the same goes with your documents. NO professional translation = NO good understanding from clients = NO sales = NO turnover. So if the price of a translation seems high to you, be sure that you will reap the benefits of this “investment” sooner or later.
And for your translation, your professional will spend time on your documents, a lot of time (translation, editing, proofreading). In the end, if you pay a cheap price and you convert the price per word into a price per hour, it may end that your translator is paid less than the minimum wage in your country! Do you think it would be fair? I do not think so. So make sure you pay your professional translator a fair price and you will get a fair and reliable translation.
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