Why human translators are better than Google Translate for your company?

Question: you have a document to translate and to save money and time, you ask Google Translate to do the job: this way, it is quick and costs NOTHING. Great idea, at least this is what you think. And you release your document (flyer, advertisement, safety handbook, assembling instructions) not really knowing if the message has been REALLY WELL translated. Consequence: a badly translated message does not improve your turnover because your potential clients may not understand the purpose, advantages and benefits of your product or even laugh at the strange wording of your message. Worse, when we talk about technical documents, it may lead to accidents if safety rules are not well translated. And this may have serious consequences for your business and reputation. Which was not your basic goal. So next time you have a document to translate, make sure a professional translator will do the job for you: it may take longer but this way, you are certain that your message will come across correctly.

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