Why do translators network with companies that are not linked to their profession?

You may think: translators live in their ivory tower, always talk about books and grammar, they do not mingle with other entrepreneurs and prefer to stay away from real life. On the contrary: translators are interested in other businesses, as these companies are their clients or potential business partners. We are not only linguists, which is clearly our specific feature, we are also entrepreneurs and as such, as any other company, we need clients and we have to find them where they are: i. e. on the Internet, especially if they are geographically far away from our own offices, but also at exhibitions, trade fairs and shows, business meetings organised by Chambers of Commerce or business clubs. And as translators are able to translate all kind of documents (from cosmetic products to motors for cars, patents and safety data sheets), they are interested in plenty of other domains than their own linguistic specialisation and are keen on meeting new contacts and old clients when they exhibit or take part in specific meetings or conferences. Moreover, this is also a way, for companies that are already our clients, to show that we are interested in their business life and growth. And for potential partners, this shows that we intend to be kept up-to-date with the latest developments in their sectors. Do you want to know more about my business? Please feel free to contact me.
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