Why do translators are keen on encouraging new generations of future colleagues?

Because communication and exchanges between people are a natural process, whatever political organisations and groups try to do to prohibit them. And not everyone is gifted to speak and write the language of the neighbour on the other side of the border. So there will always be a need for language specialists. Younger generations also have a fresh eye on our job: they bring new ideas and developments. This helps us, professional translators, to evolve in our way of doing things, triggering us to stay up-to-date with new technologies and new processes. In exchange, we bring them our experience and expertise. Moreover, encouraging them to start a career in languages also means that they will become our future colleagues, enlarging our network and theirs to improve our common businesses. This builds a good example of a win-win relationship. And for a younger public that has no idea about what their future life may look like, it is sometimes positive to give them hints about job opportunities which they hadn’t thought of before. Do you want more information about my translation business? Please contact me through the contact-box on this page.
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