Why ask a technical translator to translate your technical document from English or German into French?

Companies pay skilled engineers to write their technical documentation and brochures in their own country because information on equipment is a must for obvious safety reasons: if you have efficient explanations, your customer’s operators will run the equipment in a safer and more structured way: one very good reason for final client to be happy with your machines and place further orders. When you sell your products abroad, why should you ask a specialised translator to translate your technical document… and not choose Google Translate? Because a specialised linguist translates, edits and proofreads your documents with the vocabulary specific to your field (even specific to your company if need be) and finds the right wording that will be perfectly understood by your target client. A machine will translate your documents word for word, will not use your specific terminology and may even bring about confusion when it comes to understanding safety instructions, which, in turn, may cause accidents. So, when you sell your technical equipment abroad, ask a specialised translator to do the right job for you. I am pleased to help in that domain. Contact me!
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