Why ask a professional translator to do your translations.. and not choose Google Translate?

Why should you ask a professional #translator to carry out #translation works for your business… and not opt for Google Translate, yourself or a trainee in your company?

🌍 Because professional translators are language specialists who have followed a specific training in #languages. They understand the specific ways of writing and thinking from your target audience.
They fully master nuances and hints in the target language.
And of course, they also have a deep knowledge of the language used in your original document.

📈 In this way, your #message is perfectly transmitted because translators understand what you want to explain and they perfectly know how to put it in another idiom. You probably have a very good level at speaking a foreign language but being really bilingual, unlike what most people think, is something very very rare (even translators, who are language specialists rarely consider themselves as bilingual people).

📚Because translating does not mean you add one word to another in a foreign language. Translating means we convert your original ideas into another language, keeping the strength of the original message, be it for 📢 promotion purposes or for ⚙️#technical documents.

❓Do you have questions about the way I work on the translation of your documents? Please feel free to contact me, I will answer your requests.

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