Why are translators real word-wizards?

Real-life example: you have sent a document to a professional translator and, as a surprise, your translator hasn’t used the words you had learnt when you were yourself learning foreign languages when you were 15. You are a bit surprised (perhaps even disappointed) that your professional doesn’t know these basic words. And you wonder about the real know-how and expertise of this person.
My answer is: do not be misled: for one single sentence, there are as many translations possible as there are translators! For translators are language jugglers: they translate ideas, not only words and, if, in the final translated sentence, it sounds better to use words that are different from the “standard” ones, she/he will use those. So trust your translator when the final text differs from what you had expected: this is a professional who is a word-wizard and will make the best out of your own ideas, so that your target audience perfectly understands your message.
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