What’s included in the price of a translation?

You want a quote for a translation, your language expert gives you a price either per word or a package price and you absolutely do not know what’s included in this price.
So here is the explanation:
Working on a translation, skilled translators follow different steps.
1/ Research on your specific field: understanding your process and getting familiar with the specific vocabulary linked to your activity. Because words may have different translations according to the field in which they are used.
2/ Translation in itself: your document in the source language (English or German) is translated into the target language (French).
3/ Editing: comparing the source document AND the target document to check if the meanings in both languages are accurate.
4/ Proofreading of the target document: careful reading of the final document (and there are up to FOUR readings for one single document). This includes a check for punctuation, spelling, general writing style, layout, etc. And yes, even very technical documents need to be written in a good understandable manner.
Steps 3 and 4 are a must, they are a proof that you work with a reliable and professional translator.
After all these steps, you will get a high-quality translated document that will be perfectly understood by your target audience (technicians, engineers or customers).
For all these reasons, you now fully understand why the amount you read on the quote is a perfectly fair number.

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