What is translation? The answer is below

Real-life example: you have asked for a quote for a translation and your language specialist gives you a deadline that is far from what you had expected. You thought your translator could do the job (example: 5,000 words) and deliver the next day. But you get a deadline at the end of the week. Why?
Answer is: independently from the ongoing translator’s workload, translation is a process that requires time, particularly if carried out by a professional. There are different steps when you translate.
First step: translation in itself: your document in the source language is translated into the target language (“draft version”).
Second: the translator edits the document: it is a comparison between the source document AND the target document to check if the meaning in both languages matches, if there are numbers, nuances missing, etc.
Third: the translator proofreads the target document (only): it is a reading of the final document (up to four readings for one single document) and a check for punctuation, spelling, general writing style, layout, etc.
After all these steps, you will get a professionally translated document that will be perfectly understood by your target audience (customers, technicians, engineers).
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