🍀 A few weeks ago, we created Translators for the Energy Transition, a group of #translators and linguists specialised in the #energy transition.

🔎 Today, we would like to unpack what we can do to help industries in their shift towards the energy transition.

Liaison interpreting (or “spoken” translation)

🏭 As an industry, you have made investments in technical equipment to save energy or release fewer pollutants into the atmosphere. Your equipment comes from abroad and you have to train your employees on the new system. However, they are not good at foreign languages.

Your first reaction: We have someone in our team who speaks the language of the engineer so they’ll follow the training and then relay what has been said in the training in their mother tongue. Very easy. Problem solved.

❓ Questions:
1/ Have you ever spoken a foreign language for one hour? Answer: yes, quite easy.
2/ Have you ever spoken a foreign language for seven hours at a time? Answer: Yes, but it’s rather tiring.
3/ Have you ever spoken a foreign language for seven hours at a time AND explained to your colleagues what was said in the original language? Answer: quite hard to do both for such a long period of time.
5/ So what should you do?
💡Answer: Contact Translators for the Energy Transition!

🔆What we’ll do for you:
✅Review your request and send you a quote that meets your requirements (industry sector, place, hours, safety equipment to wear).
✅Prepare for the assignment (time spent examining your technical documents).
✅Come to your site OR work remotely with your teams.
✅Understand what the foreign engineer says.
✅Convey the message in your team’s native language, using industry-appropriate technical vocabulary.

👍🏻Your staff will easily understand the information. They will be able to ask questions and we’ll translate for them.
👍🏻They will stay focused on the technical message.
👍🏻They will even be able to take notes.

So, for your next industrial project, make your team’s life easier and ask us for help! Questions about the way we work? Contact us!
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