Question about translators: why do translators ask questions to their customers about their documents?

Real-life example: you placed an order with a translator and regularly, your language specialist asks you questions about the document you have sent for translation.
And you wonder why, you start thinking your so-called language professional doesn’t know his/her work.
My answer is: not at all! When a translator asks questions about your document, this means, on the contrary, that he/she wants to make sure he/she understands your text and that the translation will be very clear and understandable by all your partners or clients.
When you write a document, sometimes you are so immersed in your writing that you forget to give clear explanations or even you forget words, make spelling or grammar mistakes. And this may completely change the meaning of your sentence.
So that would be a pity for you to pay a translator who would make your original message unclear once translated into another language, just because you have mispelled a noun, forgotten a word or even a letter.
As a conclusion: if your translator asks you lots of questions, do not panic! It means that this colleague is a real professional and wants to make the best out of your own original document.
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