A message of hope and support for you in these hard times

In these hard and unknown times we are all going through, I send this message to let you know that I am with you wholeheartedly: take great care of yourself and your family. Whether you are in good health or affected by illness, I wish you all the courage and fortitude to face these difficult weeks ahead. Stay home, stay safe…. and maintain social distancing.
Working from home may be a situation you encounter for the first time in your life. But for a translator, working from home is a habit, and even a lifestyle choice … this may be surprising to you.
As a consequence, my company is still up and running during the whole confinement period. This is also true for all my colleagues working with me when you have translations to carry out from French into English, German and Dutch.
Do you have communication needs concerning this health crisis? Perhaps so if you have partners in Europe or even further away. In this case, you need a clear and accurate communication: I am here to assist you with this delicate work, with preferential rates and flexible payment conditions.

This crisis will come to an end, and we hope that this end is coming soon. To govern is to plan. So you already have to plan your projects for the post-Covid19 future. If you wish to avoid being overwhelmed when business gets back to usual, then do not hesitate to send me any documents you may need for your upcoming plans.

May we all stick together (and keep your social distance!) during this unprecedented time.